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Intellectuals and Race: Part III

Normal_Guy Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 12:42 PM
Most if not all people are insecure. When comparisons with others are unfavorable, they are ripe for an excuse to defer any personal responsibility or perceived inadequacy. History is replete with political, religious and social justice leaders that exploit this weakness for their own advantage. Obama is a classic class warfare parasite that makes a living by blaming others. Many more such scam artists are found in the Democratic, socialist and communist political parties. Most of the black leaders and preachers are more of the same garbage. There are people who have cheated, manipulated and discriminated to steal success. But there are many more that refuse to put in the work and would rather accept excuses than accept responsibility.
Stuart95 Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 3:02 PM
Yet in their minds they are doing the right thing. The more the facts line up against them, the harder liberals fight to defend their dogma, and the more that dogma defines their self-value. That's why liberals immediately default to personal attacks when confronted with threatening facts or competing theories.

That also explains why Democrats are so much more politically devious than Republicans. Republicans are not plagued with doubt about, for instance, the anti-social effects of welfare on self-determination or the counter-productive effects of taxation on cumulative wealth creation, so they don't feel they have to defend those concepts. Democrats, plagued with doubt caused by decades of poor results, feel they must quash any debate.

Editor's note: This is Part III in a series. Part I can be found here. Part II can be found here.

The desire of intellectuals for some grand theory that will explain complex patterns with some solitary and simple factor has produced many ideas that do not stand up under scrutiny, but which have nevertheless had widespread acceptance -- and sometimes catastrophic consequences -- in countries around the world.

The theory of genetic determinism which dominated the early 20th century led to many harmful consequences, ranging from racial segregation and discrimination up to and including the Holocaust. The...