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A Silly Excuse for a President

Normal_Guy Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 2:41 PM
It would be great if people would laugh at Obama when he pretends to be president. But in reality, there is nothing funny about the majority of Americans suffering for years under a stagnant economy, rising food and energy costs, and bungled health care as a result of an anti-American, closet muslim, social justice communist in our White House.
Obama and Holder have already demonstrated that they will do whatever they can to keep Petraeus from telling the truth. And Petraeus has shown they can control him.
Except Patraeus has already shown he has trouble staying true to his word and can easily be manipulated in terms of not telling the truth...
Who are the spaced-out people that are arranged as an approving audience? Are they really so lame to be cheering the nastiest poseur who has ever occupied the office?
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Obama: Muslim Hero

Normal_Guy Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 10:38 AM
After his first year in office, it occurred to me that Obama is running for "President of the World." POTUS is just a stepping stone for this self-serving, subversive parasite. He has been and he will continue buying votes with the money of his opponents, as he blames them for the problems he creates. People of the world (~90% non-white) will be in favor of the smiling colored fellow who wounded white America.
Obama does understand how his policies are bringing down the country. That is why they are his policies. People keep scratching their heads trying to figure out how Obama could get so many decisions wrong, because they are wondering how it's good for America. They need to consider that Obama may be working against the welfare of America, and then his actions make much more sense...
I don't think Ron Paul has the same predilection for Muslims as Obama has demonstrated.
As the colored person's KKK, Islam is nothing but bad news for the white man.
Without the female vote there would be no Obama. Women tend to make decisions based on emotions. Imagine winning an election based on free birth control...
Why aren't Republicans talking about the war on individual freedom, economic opportunity and common sense being waged by the Democrats? What about the war on freedom of religion, school choice, privacy or the rights of the unborn? How about the war on inexpensive gasoline or electricity? Facts are, that Democrats have been at war with America for decades and they have been winning -- that's why most Americans feel like they are losing...
So, it takes almost six years before a majority of Americans begin to recognize that they have reinstalled the worst poseur for president in living memory. Well, my fellow misguided and rather dim Americans, thanks to you and an infestation self-serving parasites, it's going to get much worse before it gets any better.
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