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Bush #1 gave us Clinton. Bush #2 gave us Obama. Bush #3 should give us a break.
Buying votes with our money is a win-win for Obama and the Democrats: they get millions of votes and their political opponents (us) lose billions of dollars. Kind of the same clever strategy used by Gruber and Obama to pass Obamacare, where they get credit for giving away free healthcare for votes, while we pay more for less.
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Boehner Bombs the Base

Normal_Guy Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 4:56 PM
Is it possible Boehner knows that a continuing resolution for a couple of months had no chance of being confirmed by Obama and the Democrats? If this is the case, then there is not a lot of choice for Boehner and the Republicans unless they're willing to face getting tagged with another government shutdown.
Just love the way Obama's deceptive statements are permitted without challenge. According to the WON, executive amnesty for millions of Mexicans is good for America because, "about half of silicon valley's companies are formed by immigrants, and that creates jobs for everybody." Yeah, so thousands of highly educated immigrants who came here legally and started silicon valley companies justify Obama illegally granting amnesty to millions of stone broke, uneducated Mexicans who are here illegally. And the audience applauds...?
Exactly. Same as "recounting" elections that come out wrong the first time. They're most likely still working on George Zimmerman's case.
Whether it's ignoring black crime or inventing white crime, our little racist AG is quite the coward when it comes to facing the reality of racial issues in America.
Republicans should frame Obama's Executive Orders as a "War on Wages," a "Jobs Jihad" or "Amnesty for Votes" executive exchange. Obama and the Democrats are trading away millions of American jobs, lower wages and billions of American tax dollars, in exchange for immigrant votes.
Obama is petulant, angry, resentful and vengeful. He is not a nice guy. His agenda has always been about advancing his ambitions, while punishing his opponents. Obama sees Tuesday's election as the same old thing: white people rejecting him. His response is to legitimize more people of color and thereby diminsh the white vote. Obama's strategy will be to keep control of the agenda by creating a new crisis before the last one can be delt with. He will be doing his best to cause trouble for white America, until he is stopped.
"Sorry" doesn't get it. After Grubs took $400,000 to do his best to deceive Americans, he should face criminal charges for fraud, -- along with all the other nasty progressives, including but not limited to the serial liar Obama. BTW, isn't it stupid to brag about one's fraudulent behavior on video?
They're all in it together. All of the progressives feel "anything goes" in terms of advancing their parasitical, self-serving agenda. This lying weasel deserves to be charged for fraud and punished to the full extent of the law. Exile for life sounds good.
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