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H3LL, He didn't read it either before he signed it into law.
Hey, Harry's from Nevada and we in UTAH don't want him.
If companies want Saturday mail delivery than let them pay for it! Then with the amount of junk mail that we all get for companies charge them double for the junk and it just might save the USPS.
Could we start with the POTUS!!!
TSA and Homeland Security are Odumbo's private army. He will use them when he tries to take away law abiding citizens guns.
The quicker this fake government fails, the quicker the start of the civil war that will take back this country to its very foundations. Long live the republic!!!
With being such a LOSER, I will bet that with ODUMBO in office it's just working fine for you with your food stamps, Medicaid and welfare, and ODUMBOPHONE. As a non-contributing member of society your doing great, LOSER!!!!!!!~
No you got what you deserve, ODUMBO as president, with a small "p".
With the Gubermint offering 99 weeks of unemployment I would sit on my fat fanny too.
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Video: "Obama's Mess"

Norm183 Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 7:09 PM
Unlike you, I work for 58 years and paid into Social Security so it bothers me when a horses butt like you who probably collects SS disability due to a mental condition wants to cut my hard earned benefits. YOU ARE A JERK!!!
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