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Did you every observe when healthcare was 147 dollars a person just before medicare was instituted? It's now closing in on 9k per person. Did you observe education costs (and test scores) before the DOE was instituted? You are right, this is not just the demoncrats that have led us to this mess, progressives came in all shapes, sizes and political parties. In fact, I beleive it was a republican that took us off the gold standard. Biggest mistake we ever made. The bottom line is, everything the government touches gets screwed up. It's by design, that's no mystery.
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What Does Freedom Mean to You?

NoPlaceToGo Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 1:15 PM
Death is freedom, thats the only way to keep the feds from robbing you blind.
vision is still alive? I think not. When people realize that; EVERYTHING the government touches gets screwed up, little things (like a seat belt law) make a difference, Feds shouldn't be handing out money to the states or organizations, term limits for every elected politicain, etc... then we might have a chance. I beleive we are at the point where there is only way to restore the visions. I hope I live to see it.
Know who your democratic neighbors are.
Just remember who is to blame. They have been circumventing the constitution for a very long time. When the day comes, and it will, all democrats, progressives and liberals are fair game. I'm going to get my fair share, if I live to see it. As for the present, I'm NOT going to let them DO THIS TO ME. Liberty or death, and I have every intention of going out on my terms. I'm done with the government, they can kiss my backside. When jug ears dies, we'll find out he isn't so special. As for Roberts, since when is it a TAX if you don't do something, f'n maggot!!!
This can't be good for her career.
Looking at the poll numbers, it appears the most racists group of people are the blacks. In fact, it's obvious.
who cares what this idiot says, he has hamsters running around in his bumm.
maybe we should hang all politicians that think we are the solution to other countries problems.
i can't deal with it anymore, I'm out of here.
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