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Democrats Are Abandoning Obamacare

nooooooooooooo Wrote: Jul 28, 2013 10:58 AM
Why do they use the title Health Care Reform for obamacare?? obamacare is nothing more than another E.O. from our beloved adolf!! ... you know the thing that says he's qualified for the office, and is fixing our nation, economy, immigration, ,racism, global warming, energy dependency, jobs... and, and, and the only thing this imposter has really fixed is his own golf swing ,bank account and tyrannical power!!!!
Why in the H didn't they or don't they defund obummercare! How stupid do they think we are??? Oh , That's right, the thing in the WH hasn't even been eligible to OCCUPY, guess we're pretty stupid , to trusting of our lying politicians!!!
Anyone remember Ted Baxter on Mary Tyler Moore?? Dead ringer for this idiot, and a news anchor to boot, speak for yourself !!!
I read that skittles , the watermelon drink + DM cough medicine is a way to get high and that his liver was already showing signs of abuse due to over use of dextromethorophan or DM... side effects are aggressiveness and phsycotic behavior. I forget the street name used for the mixture. No one needs any protection from this innocent fun loving person ,ya think?
Uh, the dumbo crats and obummer misuse and abuse every one of these, and every other guvment dept.! Did you get your obummer prayer rug yet?, it is embossed with a picture of Barry!! Use it or loose your foggy head!!
You mean the DATA like the unemployment rate ,the budget, the # of new jobs, global warming, like that , data, HA! ya want the truth do ya! Maybe even a birth certificate? Ha Ha Ha!!!!
Wait! isn't that what z did ,and now is being tried by black promises of riots if not found guilty? Where's the "HOPE and CHANGE" in that?? It seems some people have taken on the role of the beloved criminal in chief! above the law !
Just one more way to buy votes!
I have just finished long range extension cords for the volt,just in case your batts. run low.And yes, they come with Government approoval and a biggggg tax rebate!!! Anyone interested??
We will never kow the truth about the vote and whats even worse is this thing in power doesnt respect the American people . Georgeena boy is about to be awakened by the obama storm troops and find he's just another piece of ignorant dirt that obama will step on! anyone with any intelligence can see this thing is nothing but another dictator wanna be! If obummer was half qualified to hold office,why not proove it? Its funny ,every time obama is in question for something, another scandal happens to appear to draw focus off the real problem ,an unqualified,egotistical enemy of the United States! I will not drink the koolaid,besides gorgeena boy hasn't left any for the rest of us...sieg heil !!!
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