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And just who do you have to pick from, the ones that have caved to obummer and are a little bit less arrogant but have the same tendencies and wants? The politicians before obummer have made obummer what he is ,only difference is they dared not go as far as this dictator! Our politicians are as much to blame as the dictator in chief, they failed to ck and balance the system and allowed this disease to take hold and grow, the only difference being the level of arrogance and the false hope of becoming king of America! Start rebuilding with term limits, make all candidates proove eligibility!
Impeachment, only as long as they go after him in criminal court, then moochell could be his defense lawyer!!!
Does this men no more million $ vacations, cut back the "spend it or loose" it budgets for gov. agencies? could shut down the EPA < Shut down the NSA facility in Nevada,It supposedly uses millions to operate. Why is it ?the most wasteful people on the planet are allowed to tell the people where and how their money will be wasted ?? Answer to problem? IMPEACH AND CONVICT OBUMMER, then all of his idiot programs and EO's can be erased!!!
Be nice , but the voting is fraudulent, that's one thing that got us here!! Obummer takes a crooked, criminal politician to a new level, and yes, you can thank the previous politicians for training the commander in thief!!
As Senator Paul points out, the feds take in enough to pay our debt and then more!, this tantrum is only to steal more money to fund his tyrannical agencies and further secure his coup on America, to secure his post as Hitler in Chief!! Why can't the Ombies realize they support a government of slave traders?!
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Shots Fired on Capitol Hill?

nooooooooooooo Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 9:49 AM
So with the shut down how can we have so many cops, why i'm surprised they dared to shoot the ammo! How many obummercops does it take to man the barry-cades? Barry says no matter what, if it tries to get through ,kill it, now that's gun control! The control is only for the people ,there shall be NO CONTROL FOR THE KING AND HIS COURT!!!
Common Core does nothing but give our failing gov. another hold on our children. One only needs to read about this system to find that it is in step with the Hitler youth program to track, control and feed young minds lies and propaganda! You will even find that your own child will be coached to report to the big brother your activities! I agree our education system needs to be corrected , but common core is nothing but a way to control and mold our children into good little gov. bots, the gov. is a failure and you want to trust them to blaze the path for your children, just another TRAIN WRECK!!
What program operated by the guv ever got better or worked within its budget?? Haven't SEEN ONE!!!! OBAMACARE=CONTROL THE PEOPLE=DICTATOR
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