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Uninstall Firefox

nonstopca Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 12:38 PM
I uninstalled firefox, on both of my computers...the day they stripped Brendan Eich of his rights...I have sway over 5 more computers which run firefox, they also will uninstall.
You of course you are right a law like this should not be necessary, but the gun grabbers have been working overtime, and we have been "asleep", and "saying it could never happen here" which makes laws like this a "must do", in every State that the people love their liberty. and "wont" be slaves to the government.
I hope it's not to late.....
There's no point in arguing with stupid.
You have a right to be very proud...I just hope your state, gets some followers...
WELL DONE "Georgia Senate" If we could just get the rest on the nation, to follow your lead...and do the same.....our country could stop the slid into the sewer...
Soooo. are you surprise - that a liberal....could also be a liar?
Anyway DON"T fate....Tomorrow the black market trucks will be rolling in form Mexico, to supply us with all the "old" light bulbs we need...at just a little bit higher cost.
The "market place" in a republic is suppose to decide...what is available for the consumers to buy, if you take my "chose" away...we are no longer living in a Constitutional Republic......if the new bulbs are better they WILL be embraced by the consumer, if not they will be rejected..WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE. Or did I wake up in Cuba this morning?
I wish their was a way to show my disapproval of this "policy" but I'm afraid they have me "over a barrel" (and about to have their way with me) I just can't ignore the superbowl.....not only is it the collimation of the whole football season, it is the time to gather all of my friends around me...to prepare for the long...NO FOOTBALL SEASON...
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