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Of all that you listed, I like Allen West.
So Feinstein want all our secrets exposed so our enemy knows how to train against its effectiveness. Gee, thanks DiFi. Why don't they release all the deals DiFi got from the government to benefit her husbands business, or Pelosi's dealing with her husbands. I bet those will be locked tighter than Fort Knox.
Obama keeps saying that he wants to reform the Immigration laws but all he's doing is bringing in more future democrats who will be on the government dole.
Don't actively deport 11-20 million illegals. Just take away all the perks, they'll leave on their own. And lil stephy should have asked him about future president who just, with executive order, eliminate Obamacare. Would he have the authority?
Great article. Congratulations to Mr. Overton for reaching 108 y/o. The stories he could tell. I would love to hear some of them. Would love to find out who he thinks is the best president he's lived through. It's too bad he couldn't be cloned. Whatever is in his genes, he's a superior person.
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The Dense-o-Crats Learned Nothing

none2375 Wrote: Nov 09, 2014 10:07 AM
Now that's what is going to happen. Repackaging the message. What's scary is..the idiocrats will believe them.
So they've released papers. So what! They've gone through the papers with a fine tooth comb and pulled out anything that might be bad for either Clinton. Please, don't let another Clinton get into the White House...or Bush. We've had enough.
I'm sure Paltrow will be gushingly willing to turn all of her money, as well as Pelosi, Clinton's, Kerry's, Kennedy's, Rockefeller. No! You mean they're hypocrites? Go figure.
Hey Cam, if we had such a bad healthcare system before, can you explain why the rest of the world wanted to come here for treatments?
As an ambulance responder, we go on calls, all the time, of women with multiple kids, all with different last names. And they still have had multiple abortions. So they've been pregnant 6-7 times and with 3-4 kids, the rest are abortions. What's sad is they have no remorse.
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