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Bush tagged all of his guns and retrieved them. Obama only tagged a handful and hardly any were retrieved. Plus, Bush realized that what he was doing wouldn't work, that's why he brought the guns back.
Maybe she's using common core math? My wife got her hours cut and the company made them all independent contractors. That way they don't have to pay any healthcare. Thanks Miss Nancy!
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Worst Week for Abortion in 50 Years

none2375 Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 3:25 PM
You want to kill your baby? Great, knock yourself out. Just don't ask me to pay for it. You want it, YOU PAY FOR IT!
Can you give me one example of when the government has been under budget and on schedule? Sorry but I can't think of even one. And the government isn't going to be happy until they can control ALL OF YOUR MONEY!
Simple answer...NOPE!
Maybe she will create another reset button for Russia. Hopefully this time she will correct the spelling.
I don't think either one could run around the block, let alone around the White House. Every time they changed camera positions, Biden and Obama got to rest. Can you imagine the blisters they would get running in dress shoes?
Exactly! Success for Obama is more people dependent on government. That's what he's always wanted.
And remember Pelosi's interview response..." I'm not responsible". Well Nancy, who is?
Rumors are flying around that if Hitlery runs, Sarah Palin may run. Wouldn't that be great? If she does the she'd better not use any of John McCains people.
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