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Why World War II Vets?

None2036 Wrote: Oct 06, 2013 11:12 AM
Fully concur with the sentiments expressed here, as my 91 y/o father's a WW II vet. However... Where did the age 78 come from? That would make a "WW II veteran" 10 years old in 1945. Assuming a minimum 17 year old sailor/GI in 1945, he'd be 85 today. Run the numbers, please.
Contrary to this column and some others, Adm. Gouette's task group was nowhere near Libya on 9-11. It was not even in the Mediterranean, as 6th Fleet has deployed no carriers there in at least a couple of years. When the Benghazi debacle occurred, the USS Stennis group was in the western Pacific headed for the Indian Ocean.
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