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Three Years On, Obamacare Has Become Irresistable

None1257 Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 11:09 AM
This is a real simple issue, if you are really interested. The country would be far better off, if the people paid for their own healthcare needs. The people would have a whole lot more freedom, if they paid for their own healthcare needs. We would not have a cost problem with healthcare, if the people paid for their own healthcare needs. It is far better to be independent, then dependent.
It has been federal for three years. It has brought chaos to the labor markets. It has cost people their livelihoods and it is more unpopular than ever.

So why does “Obamacare” (officially known as the “Affordable Care Act”) remain so irresistible for so many of our fellow Americans? Because at its core Obamacare is not about health care, so much as it is about the redistribution of wealth, and for those who are on the receiving end of the redistribution the agenda is completely irresistible.

When the federal government doles-out cash, it’s difficult to say “no.” That’s why many of...