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The Humpty-Dumpty Middle East

None1257 Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 1:14 PM
Which country does not fear a country with the nuclear attack capability that the United States has? Only a country that believes, with some justification, that the United States would never use that nuclear attack capability against any country? But what would their response be, if they knew that the United States was willing to use that nuclear attack capability?
The United States is backing off from the Middle East -- and the Middle East from the United States.

America is in the midst of the greatest domestic gas and oil revolution since the early 20th century. If even guarded predictions about new North American reserves are accurate, over the next decade the entire continent may become energy-independent, without much need of petroleum imports from the Middle East.

America's diminishing reliance on the Persian Gulf coincides with mounting Chinese dependency on Middle Eastern oil and gas. So as the Persian Gulf becomes less important to us, it...