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Tests and Tiger Moms

None1257 Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 1:19 PM
I am willing to bet, that if someone does a study, they would find that more children succeed in school, when their parents believe that a good education should be among their top priorities for their children and spend the time and effort to reinforce that belief. And I am willing to bet, that these children will succeed in getting a good education, regardless of what kind of school they go to, be it a public school or a private school.
Dick 2992 Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 9:09 AM
It's not where you go to school but what effort you personally put into your education and what you expect to get out of it. Parental involvement is an absolute must!!!! Public universities are as good or better than most of the so called elitist schools. Look what Harvard gave us?
Debi34 Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 6:12 PM
Exactly, The only reason Private Schools do so well is because every one of those parents cares enough about their children to pay the money to send them there. If parents in the public schools cared the same way, those schools would be better off as well. I am lucky enough to teach in a wealthy suburb and we have great parents who, for the most part, work with their kids and hold them accountable. We always score in the top 10% of the state, not because we have such wonderful teachers or better curriculum, but because we have parents who care!
New York City's Stuyvesant High School is one of those all too rare public schools for intellectually outstanding students. Such students are often bored to death in schools where the work is geared to the lowest common denominator, and it is by no means uncommon for very bright students to become behavior problems.

Recent statistics on the students who passed the examination to get into Stuyvesant High School raise troubling questions that are unlikely to receive the kind of serious answers they deserve.

These successful applicants included 9 black students, 24 Latino students, 177 white students and 620 Asian Americans.

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