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Obama and NASA: Spacing Out on Global Warming

None1257 Wrote: May 21, 2012 11:42 AM
We are told that we should believe in the theory because a majority of scientist believe in the theory. I just watched a Science Channel program about the sun. In that story, one scientist came up with a thwory, that no other scientist agreeded with. So, based on that, we are told that this one scienitst must be wrong, because no other scientist agreed with him. But in this case, this one scientist was right and all the others were wrong. So, the question is, why should we believe that the theory is correct this time, because a majority of scientist believe in the theory?
petroleum engineer Wrote: May 21, 2012 12:50 PM
You are right - science is not based on consesus - it is based on TRUTH and FACTS. Neither is science based on IDEOLOGY or BELIEFS.

When I was growing up, scores of kids dreamed of being like Astronaut Walt Cunningham, who flew on Apollo 7 and was a recent guest on my radio show.

Ironically, on the very same day that I interviewed Mr. Cunningham on my radio show I went to a local eatery in Orlando, FL. And lo and behold – there was a signed Apollo era picture of Walt in his space suit with a fresh crew cut, taking on the space race full throttle.

It takes one back to a time when this man and his fellow...

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