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Energy Policy Bedmates

None1257 Wrote: May 02, 2012 12:10 PM
Who does the Obama energy policy hurt the most? The very wealthy, who he attacks, or the very poor, which he says he is most concerned about? By not allowing oil companies to drill for oil now, is he helping them or hurting them? Isn't the answer to that question, in the long run he is helping them make even more money, because the price of oil has to rise, and by not allowing them to drill for oil now, they will eventually be able to drill for oil and when they do, the price will be much higher? Which means they will make even more money?

Calling it a “religious fervor on the radical left” Representative Tom Mclintock of California is taking issue with a March 16th memo from DOE Secretary Steven Chu.

The memo deals with the cyber-security of the Power Marketing Administrations in the nation but also calls for those administrations to change rate structures to coerce users into being energy efficient, pay customers to use less energy during peak hours (where are they going to get the cash for that?) help facilitate the use of electric vehicles, and…wait for it…use more wind and solar power.

All indications are that bringing these...

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