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Amnesty Won't Elect Republicans

None1257 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 11:48 AM
When there was a wall built between East Germany and West Germany, and the East Germans were willing to shoot to death anyone they saw trying to get over the wall, did it stop East Germans from trying to get into West Germany? Is that what you mean by getting tougher? That our government should shoot at people that are trying to enter this country illegally? If not, how do you stop people from doing what they want to do? Did we stop American's from drinking alcohol when they made it illegal? Has the war on drugs stopped people from using drugs?
lancer50 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 2:21 PM
Well laws against murder don't stop murder. Laws against robbery don't stop robbery.

Your logic says we need to do away with all laws because they won't stop anything anyway.

And the Berlin Wall was to keep people in, not out.
The Republican strategists who confidently predicted that their candidate, Mitt Romney, would win the 2012 election are already pontificating about what Republicans must do to win in 2016. After their disastrous defeat, strategy and policy mistakes and expensive super PAC advertising that failed to win votes, why should anybody take their advice again?

The elitists now tell us that amnesty for illegal aliens, aka "immigration reform," is the key to future Republican nirvana. That's wrong-headed advice.

Barack Obama sealed his victory in the battleground states: Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and New Hampshire, but those states have very few Hispanics, and illegal...