In response to: 'The GOP Wants to Take Women Back to the Back Alley'

nomorehopeandchange Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 8:10 PM
Let's concede that we should have no control over Caveat's body. Caveat's body is hers to do with what she wants. Therefore your poor decisions or mistakes are not our responsibility. Shut up, stand up like a REAL woman and accept the consequences of your own actions. Don't expect others to do it. If someone breaks into your home I hope you aren't expecting me to shoot him too.

This is getting ridiculous.

First, the DNC turns into a giant pro-choice rally. Now, is out with a disgusting, fear-mongering attack ad about how the GOP will take women back to the era of back-alley abortions. Not only is it utterly offensive and completely off-point from voters' concerns, it conflates Mitt Romney's personal position on the issue with the GOP platform, so it's misleading, too. 

Nevermind the moral debate about abortion -- although you can find a great perspective on the pro-life cause here --...