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I'd be fired the first day because I'd say what I really thought. ; )
I agree they deserve it but the rest of us do not.
No doubt he has to be. No matter what you think of Obama can you imagine your job being to face reporters and defend your boss every day no matter what. It must be akin to shoveling sewage.
Maybe it would help if he shared some of it with the ever angry moron Chris Matthews. I think the tingle up his leg has turned to urine leaking down his leg.
Laughter is the best medicine and your wife/family must be the healthiest people in the world. Now I must clean the coffee off my computer.
AMEN! It is past reasoning that this man and his minions are the biggest threat to our men and women in uniform. And for no other reason than to elevate themselves in the eyes of the p*ssants who worship at their feet. The blood of our finest is on the hands of this administration for more reasons than one.
Most Americans don't need a recipe for beer. They need a recipe for job creation, energy production, lower taxes, better education, more balance news coverage and a President who earns his salary. How about the recipe for that Kool-Aid Mr. President? I don't ask for myself but for the brain dead who will vote for you in November.
No MORALS, no STANDARDS, no SCRUPLES, no PRINCIPLES, no BUDGET, no JOBS PLAN, no ACCOUNTABILITY, no RESPECT FOR OUR MILITARY, no DECENCY. Looks to me like the Democratic party is the party of NO.
The so called President is the "DIVIDER IN CHIEF." The MSM are his lapdogs in dishonesty. If you say the sky is blue and the grass is green those are racist code words. Chris Matthews is so racist the word rolls off his lips like a snowball rolls down a hill. He can and does attach everything to racism. How can you be so obsessed with it if you are not racist yourself? And how can you know the CODE WORDS unless they are part of your own vocabulary? BTW, the Republicans never sent me the list of code words. It is the MSM that continues to use code words and divide people by race, not the Republican party.
And the CIA, FBI and DEA are already trying to find anything they can have you arrested for.
Barack Obama is about as transparent as a five gallon bucket of tar. Try looking at the bottom of that bucket. If re-elected the tar will be removed and we will be exposed to the underbelly and his radically destructive intentions will be exposed to the horror of us all. Those who have paid attention and stayed informed will not be shocked.
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