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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) It's time to stop being cowards and stand up to the evil POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, ACLU and others while the country crumbles and Christianity is destroyed. We have an awesome God. If we will pray and fight for Him we cannot fail. FIGHT, STAND UP, and WIN this battle for God and country.
Basset, asking women to set personal limits and accept responsibility seems to be asking too much.
We WILL stay out of your business if you stay out of our pocketbooks and don't expect taxpayers to pay for your bad decisions.
CC unfortunately people have become so hardened they no longer have regrets about murder. I worked in an Ob-Gyn office and you would be shocked at how many women use abortion as their form of birth control. Two months later they're back. I finally got to the point I couldn't stand it anymore. I am truly sorry for your pain. I pray some day you will have peace.
You know what Caveat I hope you never ever have children because murder is not okay. And if you want to murder your own child every month or two I thankfully don't have to live with your decisions. You are a whiny, bratty coward who wants everyone else to take responsibility for your loose, loveless, meaningless relationships. It's Saturday night. Why aren't you out getting laid? Perhaps because nobody wants anyone who won't be responsible. By the way I have a house payment and even though I am the one who signed the loan and said I'd make the payments. You should be making them for me. You're a real piece of work without class or standard.
Grow up, accept the consequences for your own actions, take responsibility for yourself and stop whining. Spend $9 per month for birth control or stop screwing around. Both options are better than cold blooded murder. If you don't want us in your womb don't expect us in there after you've gotten yourself knocked up. If you want us to act like it's your body then you take control of it.
Let's concede that we should have no control over Caveat's body. Caveat's body is hers to do with what she wants. Therefore your poor decisions or mistakes are not our responsibility. Shut up, stand up like a REAL woman and accept the consequences of your own actions. Don't expect others to do it. If someone breaks into your home I hope you aren't expecting me to shoot him too.
If you invite someone to enter your body and that entry results in a pregnancy YOU alone are responsible for that. If you choose to murder the child it is not my responsibility to pay for your decision. IT IS YOURS. For all the screaming women have done that they can take care of themselves and they don't need anybody, those like you are taking them back to the stone age. You could redeem yourself by making your boyfriend du jour purchase a condom, forking out the small amount of $9 per month for birth control or keeping your clothes on and your legs together. Then you will be a real woman instead of a make believe one.
I'd be fired the first day because I'd say what I really thought. ; )
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