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Seems Michael Czin's two brain cells are not firing properly. And, he has the audacity to call something dumb. Wow!
Obama was "elected" the second time around b/c of fraud. Think of all the counties in must have states that showed more votes than registered voters. Ex. one county in Ohio, I believe, showed 140% of voters voting. Do we even need to mention Illinois? Nothing was done about it.
Of course it is sad---what a waste. But, for her to say it would have made the news if it had been a white girl, complete hogwash. This is subtle shifting of the blame to whites. We are constantly lambasted with the few cases of white on black violence---24 hour coverage. But, if it is black on white, crickets. I am willing to bet this was black on black violence. The black community must fix the blame where it justly rests, on the black community.
Agreed. Should be in the dictionary.
I think this is garbage. The black community's problems can only be solved by the black community. And, who are we kidding? Barack Obama is not culturally "black" as he was brought up largely outside the black community. He is a pretender in this as in apparently all other things, except Marxist theology. This initiative is just another example of our throwing good money after bad. How about the government stick to the things they are supposed to be doing (say, defense and interstate commerce for example) and stay away from social engineering? Is that too much to ask, Mr. Goldberg?
Miller: To call the Tea Party extreme is to call our Founders extreme. Is that what you intend? You, sir or ma'am, are either seriously deluded or seriously dishonest. Our Founders would call the "centrists" in the GOP extreme. I am comfortable, therefore, being thought extreme by the likes of you.
This rant is so lacking in intellectual honesty, I must conclude you are joking.
Before someone gets on the grammar/punctuation train, I know there should be a question mark after the second sentence.
You just made the argument for the conservative position. Why does the gay couple care that the one baker refuses to make their cake. I am assuming there are a plethora of bakers in the area. I submit it is because they can't bear to have the baker have an opinion that is different from their own.
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Codgers Freaking Out

nomore Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 9:37 AM
Spot on!
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