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Wonder if the gays are attacking the bakers and dressmakers in Uganda who refuse to do business for a gay wedding......
You can tell this is a lie because no true liberal would ever say 'God Bless....anything'.
Christian taliban? The ultimate oxymoron, and more Left NewSpeak...... 'scuce me, Ross83, whilst I go barf.
The LEFT controls the federal government and foisted OBamacare on us, but they don't care about poor people receiving good medical care, they care about CONTROL. The LEFT controls the education system from K thru 12 and into college, but they don't care about poor people receiving a good education, they care about CONTROL.
OMG - is that really her name? What a riot...but of course, I would take her seriously!
And THAT is why Obama was re-elected......because the stoopid floor is that high.....
Bravo, McGovern! well said.
I think you would feel different if Bashir had said the same thing about your grandmother. But perhaps you 'splain that on your blaug as well.
But no apology to Sarah Palin. Typical trash on MSNBC - where will he end up next?
So, now it's OK? When you look up the C word in the dictionary you see a picture of this woman.
You're already making excuses for them.
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