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Well cars and trucks did not kill those 20 kids. Fact.
Dan, the 22 in China are alive today. Do you understand the difference? China Alive vs. usa 20 DEAD
2nd amendment is fine - for muskets. Not assault rifles in the hands of any loon who wants one.
The facts are simply not on your side. Guns are the most accessible, effective & efficient tools for KILLING. Not box cutters, not forks not spoons. G U N S = D E A T H
i would rather take my chances with a crazy carrying a 5 gallon can of gas vs. concealed semi-automatic guns. Wouldn't you?
yes that was one horrific exception. Check out Japan or Germany or UK -- how many gun killings? Agreed they cannot be eliminated completely no matter how strict the laws but my god the numbers here are off the charts.
Speed kills This morning, a madman attacked more than 20 children at an elementary school in China. As of this writing, there are no reported fatalities. A few hours later, a madman attacked an elementary school in Connecticut. As of this writing, 20 of those kids are dead. The difference? The weapon. The madman in China had a knife. The madman in Connecticut had three semi-automatic guns. * taken from Slate
Call me any name you like. Facts are facts my friend. 20 innocent kids are dead from GUNS & maybe check out gun deaths in other countries. &tell me if you still think usa does not have a problem.
yep blame anything or anyone --except GUNS-- almost funny if not so horrific. Next will be that this was the fault of gays.
>30000 gun deaths in the usa per year. GUNS KILL***** that is just a fact.
yes all killing is bad.
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