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"The only warning they deserve is the sound of the slide on a shotgun closing. " Actually the only sound should be the safety being moved to the fire position.
Exactly right. It is only by accident that normal police work actually prevents a crime of this type.
The illegal aliens flooding across the border in anticipation of amnesty swamped the Border Patrol and Sunk Eric Cantor.
The USA is becoming the dumping ground for the world's flotsam and jetsam. If DHS has the money to fly these illegal aliens across the country they have the money to fly them to the capital city of their home country and drop them off. For the money these people will cost taxpayers in health, education, welfare benefits and the burden on the legal system we could even afford F15s to escort the flights if a country objects to it's citizens returning.
They aren't fleeing from anything but poverty and running into the arms of the US welfare system. Your tax dollars will feed, clothe, and house, and even try to educate some of them. That last one means the resources that should be going to educate your children will be soaked up by citizens of another country.
I have no problem with the feds dropping them off, but they need to be dropping the off in the capital city of their country of origin so their government rather than US taxpayers can pay for them. If the feds cannot determine country of origin then just drop them off in Mexico City and let Mexico earn the US dollars that illegals send back to prop up their country
Use of E-Verify is not enforced and I am still waiting to see the company presidents being jailed for the crime of hiring illegal workers.
Cut off welfare and jail employers who hire illegals and the problem gets manageable. The all we have to catch are the drug smugglers and terrorists jumping the border.
Nope. Use military transports, it's not particularly comfortable but they can all be configured to carry passengers, escorted by F15s if needed, and deliver them back to the capital city of their country of origin. In cases where that cannot be determined, drop them off in Mexico City and let the Mexican economy earn some of the $billions their illegals send back home every year.
You are joking, right. Compared to the life of a campesino in a Central America village US welfare recipients, which is what most of these illiterate, even in Spanish, unskilled, illegals will be, live in luxury.
Per an article I saw on one of the news sites yesterday, in some Central American countries people are being advised that if they show up at the US border they will not be turned away.
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