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Dear Uncle Sam: Get Well Soon, the End is Near

nomad5 Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 10:01 AM
Define "sustainable". The GAO had the guts to estimate long-term (75-year) results of SS / Medicare / Medicaid programs, putting us about another $43T in debt. If they can do this, then any set of high-schoolers should be able to put together a similar-length estimate of the total $$$ required in ALL major categories of Fed spending. This should include (a) acknowledged Fed debt, (b) unacknowledged Fed debt (all the "off-budget" nonsense), (c) projected costs for SS/M/M from GAO, (d) costs for tech refresh of infrastructure, (e) costs to deal with implacable advance of automation and elimination of limited-skill jobs, (f) costs to completely tear apart and rebuild education to cope with (e), (g) costs of natural --more--

One of the most-widely watched indices of market sentiment, the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index- also know as the VIX, (symbol: VIX)- while not exactly moving in uncharted territory, is moving at least in the rarefied air puffed by the central bankers of the world.

The VIX is now near record lows.

Being a contrary indicator, the VIX tends to move up as stocks move down and it moves down as stocks move up.

And stocks have been moving up- if you didn't notice- thanks in large measure to loose money policies by the Federal Reserve that bring...