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Arguing with Liberals: Our Massive Deficit "Isn't a Product of Spending"

nomad5 Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 5:57 PM
Uhhh, not completely. The dysfunction in the US economy is a result of a lot of things, some of which have been in motion for several decades. The continued advance of automation, combined with better and better tools and ways of doing things (e.g. construction) means that one person can do the work of several persons not too many years ago. As one example, AT&T has through automation and simply leaving behind certain businesses managed to eliminate 90% of its early-1970s workforce. But nobody anywhere was paying attention while this was happening. Combine that with an education system and a mass-media empire that has removed the ability of at least two generations to be able to imagine and then reason from imagination to reality, and.

On CNBC last night, I participated in a discussion about America's debt and debt ceiling problems -- which are inextricably linked, despite the Left's bizarre insistence that they're two separate and distinct issues.  I made the overtly partisan statement that Republicans are the only political actors in Washington who are even remotely serious about dealing with the debt crisis -- and the Democrat on the panel seemed determined to prove me right.  Most of the fireworks came toward the end of the exchange, when Democratic strategist Mark Hannah decided to go the full hack. He began by attacking House Republicans...