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The egotist uses blame, discredits his adversaries, and cannot face the reality that he is a failure. Obama exhibits a narcissistic personality disorder which places him at the top of this scale. As he begins to sense the failure of his presidency, he will become more dangerous, vindictive and unpredictable. Sadly his dungbeetle followers will see this as martyrism and rise to his defense; you see, their egos are at stake in this, as well.
If it makes this genetic anomaly feel better I compare him with a combination of muhamed, lucifer, and harry reid.
We've never heard that you had to have intelligence to be a democrat; you don't even have to have a brain to live in LA. All that is necessary to qualify as a liberal, socialist democrat is an enormous air vent which they use to blow hot air out the front orifice or bad air out the rear exit; they are both connected to the same reflexive airpump.
Perhaps your ugly approval ratings describe your ugly president's role. Man up, Bammie. Resign, abdicate, commit hari kari, go to Pakistan and become an imam, do what it takes to take you from the darkened White House.
Empirically speaking; "the sky is falling, the sky is falling". Oh, wait, it's snowing.
Is George Mason University the pillar of honesty and integrity in using an un-scientific methodology such as the survey? I think not. To label the survey a scientific method is an inane as equating neuroanatomy with phrenology. The survey simply allows for relationships between variable, not cause and effect results.
Most definately!! The UN has done very little to bring peace to this earth and has caused far more turbulence in the economy of every nation it has interfered with. As Earl Warren said nearly fifty years ago; "Get the UN out of the US."!
We doesn't include "you" Tready-bear. You are not pure nor do you have any expertise with which to impeach. Now, go to your room and play with your windmills; and not the one's in your mind..
Then maybe we could refer to them as "destructionist democrats".
And he wasn't born in the last century, either. I wonder if he could have survived the contemporary test of scientific inquiry? Is it more about science of climate change (the Bammian term for global warming) or about the funding for research? Does the outcome of the research determine future funding? And most of all; "can present day science be trusted"?
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Hillary Gets Knifed in Benghazi Drive By

Nolan11 Wrote: Jan 17, 2014 10:04 PM
You are such a bumpkin eemee. You rely on the reviews; would you mind indexing those you relied on? If you come up with the usual Rachael Madcow or Chris Matthews interpretation, then go to your room and stay there until you can learn to think.
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