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You have described the narcissistic personality disorder with secondary characteristics of the antisocial disorder. What is left out is the dangerous, out of control violence this disorder presents with. Betrayal of this person results in endangerment and persecution. Watch for increased alcholic dependence and illicit drug use.
This was a "Grims Fairy Tale" starring Ali Bama and his forty thieves. It is the story of how a troll can rise from the garbage dump of Chicago to the president of all the gnomes, trolls, and mutants that form the present democrat riptide. The story is not true, nor real, but based on lies, misrepresentations, fraudulent practices, and all sorts of dishonest actions. Soon a mysterious rider will rid the WhiteHouse of its vermin tenants and happiness and serenity will reign across the nation.
Since then she's been driving the rest of the country nuts. How green of Ms Hildebeest.
Hildebeest, it's more than your biggest regret, it's your biggest, boldest lie. No different than a murderer pleading "not guilty" before the trial begins. May the next 22 months prove to be your personal trial for complicity to commit murder of American citizens
Let's face it MSNBC, conservatives are more than suspicious, they are repulsed by the excrement that you allow from the mouths of these lop-sided journalists. To not see through the thinly guised veil these vermin hide behind is evidence of trephination.
Agreed, RJ. It's more clearly "death control", with one party seeing the extermination of unborn fetuses (or human beings) as being rational, reasonable, and moral, while the other party sees it as murder.
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Wendy Davis's Struggles

Nolan11 Wrote: Jan 25, 2014 2:39 PM
She left out the part where she was an abandoned orphan in North Korea and crawled on her hands and knees to Manchuria where she was saved by Bammie and raised as one of his chilluns.
Lighten up you enabling moron. You are defending a person who is seen by millions of youngsters as a hero. He has no more bravery, or courage than a slimy tree toad.
Yah, only he's more like a moosey puck.
Windy Davis for "disposable diaper of the week". She mocks one who has a physical disability, all the while exhibiting her mental incompetency. Dearie; stupid is a handicap but you can't use it to get a handicap parking permit. I do hope you can understand this.
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