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"Democratic retirements do not relate in any way to our prospects for winning." Well, this is rather obvious: With the Dem incumbents retiring, Dems have ZERO chance of taking back the House, as long as Obama remains in office. If NO Dems were retiring, Dems have ZERO chance of taking back that House, as long as Obama remains in office. So, ipso facto, Dems retiring has ZERO IMPACT on Dems retaking the House.
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A Blank Check For War on Iran

Noggindog Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 9:49 PM
"Is this the man we want deciding whether America fights her fifth war in a generation in the Mideast? Do we really want to outsource the decision on war in the Persian Gulf, the gas station of the world, to a Likud regime whose leaders routinely compare Iran to Nazi Germany?" You know, to be honest, I would rather depend on Bibi to make the decision than 'Bama. 'Nuff said on that. The REAL question is, can Israel depend on US to keep our word, if they decide they have to act? I'm betting Bibi doesn't trust Obama any more than I do.
Rob Portman changed his mind because his son turns out to be gay... and noone realizes what an indictment this is of Portman as a legislator? The fact is, changing his mind because "it's PERSONAL now" should cause people NOT to hold up Portman as an example. Leaving aside any attempt to determine the benefit or detriment of gay marriage, let's assume for a moment that it's a good thing. If Portman can't come to that conclusion until it impacts his own family, he's unfit for office. Assume for a moment that gay marriage is a bad thing, and Portman is even worse as a legislator, swayed to the detriment of the country by his personal or familial advantage. ANYONE who cites Ron Portman on this issue is a bonehead.
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On Newtown, Mourn First, Then Act

Noggindog Wrote: Dec 19, 2012 10:54 AM
"Right now, people are talking about putting metal detectors and X-ray machines in every school." Sure, spend the billions to do that, put metal detectors on every door. Of course, that will be useless unless you also pay someone to monitor each of those machines. And of course, THAT will be useless unless the monitoring personnel are armed (otherwise, the potential shooter just kills the monitor, and walks into the school anyway, right?) So, after spending the billions for these machines and staff, the solution turns out to be a few armed "good guys" at each school after all. In which case we don't need the metal detectors at all. Just let qualified staff ALREADY working in schools be armed, and put the stupid ideas to bed. Obviously.
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Why We Should Use JLENS

Noggindog Wrote: Jun 15, 2012 2:39 PM
The appropriate "ecercise" to prove JLENS, it seems to me, would be to deploy it, and the necessary arms to make it effective, in the waters so troubled by pirates. There's a true "two birds with one stone" application. ;)
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Republicans Have Bad Brains?

Noggindog Wrote: May 03, 2012 2:24 PM
While I acknowledge I haven't read the study, it seems obvoius to me that there is a different and much more likely conclusion to be drawn (or at least, further explored.) If these results are, indeed, reliable and replicable, I would be willing to bet that someone testing simple "clerical speed and accuracy" would find a similarly higher score among liberals. This is because a significant percentage of low scorers on instruments measureing clerical speed and accuracy are folks who are much more careful not to make mistakes... which slows them down. Liberals famously are an favor of "do SOMETHING, even if it's wrong!" Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to favor the "let's not do anything to make it worse; be sure before we take action."
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