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Also not once did I deride Christianity. I am a Christian so I really fail to see where you are coming from. I don't like bigots not Christians. If you would actually read a book instead of just taking what people tell you as fact you would know that the majority of the founding fathers were Deists.
Lack of proof is not proof. The first mass school shooting was in 1891...That's well before there were any video games.
Every post in this thread is generalizing one group or another. Why do you think you deserve special treatment?
The United States has never had a state church. American church attendance and church membership was very low, at about 30% of the population, until the revivals at the end of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century. The First Amendment of the Constitution, which is modeled on the older Virginia law of religious liberty, prohibits the establishment of a state religion. In fact, the words "Jesus Christ, Christianity, Bible, Creator, Divine, and God" are never mentioned in the Constitution-- not even once. Here's your list. Pick one and go there. Alsace-Moselle Costa Rica Liechtenstein Malta Monaco Vatican City The Swills Cantons Greece Denmark Iceland Norway Scotland England(yep England has a state church)
We hold political candidates to a higher standard than individual citizens with poor judgement. There is nothing wrong with that. They should be the best of us.
WTF are you talking about? America is not and has never been a Christian nation. How is it that you have forgotten about the Jews, Mormons, Scientologists, etc. There are tons of actual Christian nations in the world. If you don't like secularism and your bigotry prevents you from being a good citizen in a FREE country I suggest you pack up and move. Uganda would be glad to take you.
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