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the Republican Party should absolutely reject having Mathews moderate even one debate. I don't think Hillary would give him 'tingles' but still, he's so completely leftist there's no way an Republican would get anything near fairness.
I would say secular humanist nation with a heavily Christian history. Sad. The U.S. has never been a Theocracy, however, if that is what is implied here.
Those women are Christians. They still cover their heads for fear of Islamic totalitarians.
Oh, that 'religion of peace' at it again. They kill anyone who is different than them. Even different sects of Islam. Mohammed was a religious, political and military leader. So, look what that has wrought. Death.
Professional athletes have all through history had poor behavioral track records. Consider just one: Ty Cobb. He was a racist, homicidal maniac. Do we need to mention Dennis Rodman? Michael Vick? Yeah, I get the moral outrage, but this is nothing new. Why the big deal now? Maine doesn't even have a pro team from any sport.
She's going down. It's about time. There's one seat going (R). Now we need about 8-9 more to really make a difference.
I didn't know there were people who actually watch that drek.
I hope Tennesseans see this RINO old fogey for what he is. He's a useless compromiser with principles he believes in only so far as they keep him in office. Please Tennessee, select Joe Carr! Why Flinn had to jump in, I have no idea. he should fold, and tell all his supporters to vote Carr. Alas, I suspect ego is the reason. So, sadly, we'll likely get Alexander again. I wish people would put the needs of their nation above their own ego. Yeah, pipe-dreaming again...
If we as a society do not take the life of a brutal murderer who perpetrated the act with special circumstances (torture, rape, multiple victims, etc.) then we have said the criminal's life is more valuable than his victims. Was Ted Bundy's life worth more than his victims' lives? And somehow, a violent evil perpetrator, having to suffer for a short period of time doesn't bother me so much. Consider the family and loved ones of the victims. They suffer incredible loss. Is that pain less than the pain of say, 20 minute's extra time during execution? That pain will end (well, it will very likely continue for eternity). But the loss of a dear one goes on for the remainder of one's life.
An innocent human dies in an abortion.
This piece by Ms. Coulter shows she truly doesn't understand what being a Christ-Follower means. This doctor sensed God's Call to serve in Liberia, and he listened. What happened is unfortunate, but he went, knowing the risks. Just as Christians have done for centuries. Yes, the U.S. is a mission field now. And there are those, such as myself who are called to serve here. One does not negate the other. Sorry, Ann, but I don't think God would call you to write this rant.
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