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What is the matter with Minnesota? The only Republican they can float is this mealy mouthed RINO with no convictions? Is that really any improvement of Franken? Not much. I do not understand. Have the Twin Cities really corrupted the rest of the state so completely?
I'll take C. "Amnesty is wrong in any circumstance.” Can we get that to go? I wish we could dump them in Mexico as payback for letting them through coming north.
Likely, the other two Republicans were typical RINO establishment weenies.
Exactly. You want a 'morning after pill'? BUY IT YOURSELF!
Democrats come unglued over abortion. Killing innocent unborn children is something they consider an unalienable right. It's almost a mental disorder. I think you could make a successful argument that it is sociopathic.
IS the ONE Republican who understands the concept of BACKUP SERVERS??? Of all people, Darryl Issa should! He's a tech head. This is a Federal Agency which likely has rigid and rigorous rules for backing up and archiving data. And we're supposed to believe that their I.T. team was negligent in backing up their Outlook Servers??? REALLY? What planet am I on anyway?
C'mon Constitution lovers!!! TURN OUT THE VOTE!!!
Then show the RINOs how wrong they are and turn out!
His picture reminds me of Joe Belushi in Animal House. The scene where the dean says: "Drunk, fat and stupid is no way to go through live, son." He (and his father for that matter) act like sociopathic teenagers. The Kim family clearly have some kind of genetic abnormality that would see them institutionalized in most Western nations. I think supporting some kind of underground subversion plan to get rid of him would be acceptable. I don't normally go for 'nation-building' but these people are suffering horrifically under Kim Jung Um. We would certainly get help from South Korea. Among other things, North Korea is listed by Voice of the Martyrs as the most repressive regime on the planet.
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