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Well and good. But what KIND of Republicans will we get? RINO's or real Constitutional conservatives? I'm just as sick of the Boehner, Cornyn, Bush, Grassley, McCain, McConnell, etc. wing of the party. I want the Republican Party to actually STAND for something. So we'll see. As others have said, they need to articulate their REPLACEMENT for Obamacare. Make it clear and understandable to the masses of low-information voters. I know: good luck.
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Did I Move?

Noel35 Wrote: Feb 13, 2014 10:22 AM
NOTE TO ANN: WE DID NOT FIGHT AT VALLEY FORGE. THEY CROSSED THE DELAWARE AND FOUGHT IN TRENTON! But her point is absolutely true. Amnesty in ANY form would be suicide for the Republicans. Well, for the REAL Constitutionalists anyway. Republicans either get hoodwinked or really don't care when the left plays the race card on immigration. We HAVE TO FORCE THEM TO NOT VOTE FOR AMNESTY!!! Ultimately, the people have the purse strings. If we don't fund RINOs in election cycles, they can't get elected. We have to take this seriously. Slight diversion: What the heck is Darryl Issa doing voting for the Debt Ceiling Limit bill? Off topic, but if he's now a RINO, would he vote for amnesty? Sheesh, are we in trouble!!!
Amazing that a Dem prosecutor sees the light on this. Abu-Jamal is a sociopath. I've seen enough interviews with this psycho-scum to see it. Anyone who could defend that filth is NOT fit to serve anywhere in public office. If you go to the Web Site that Faulkner's family has and see the entire story of this scumbag, it's shocking. There is absolutely no doubt that he killed a cop who was doing his job. The fact that the Obamunist could even nominate Adegbile says volumes about him. He has no regard for anything remotely honest, descent and American. The more Obama does, the more I'm convinced his "fundamental change in America" was exactly that. Call good bad and bad good. He MUST be stopped. We need to put real Constitutionalist conservatives in Congress this November, or we're sunk.
If I were you I'd vote with my feet. I did. I left Kalifornya, and now live in the Idaho Panhandle. Couldn't be happier! The jackboot is off my neck. Hallelujah!
What neighborhood he lives in is irrelevant. He has the RIGHT to own what he wants. You would do well to have a neighbor like him. Clearly YOU don't believe in guns rights. God help you if you are the victim of a home invasion! Better hope your neighbor thinks like Chassit. It'd be your only hope.
Exactly!!! She lives in Colorado. Wonder if she drinks Coors. If you drink Coors clearly you're a NAZI, because the Coors family for generations has been led by someone named Adolf. This makes perfect sense to leftists. My brain is tweaked after reading this story. Criminals are using guns, therefore take the constitutional right to own guns from law-abiding citizens. Gosh, why didn't I think of this?
Leftists NEVER understand that criminals NEVER give up their firearms. They see something dreadful happen and think it is their job to right all the wrongs in the world. And by GOD they know better than you do! Never mind that there are tens of thousands of cases every year in which a law-abiding gun owner protects his property with his/her gun! Doesn't fit their world view.
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Boehner Responds to Critics on the Right

Noel35 Wrote: Dec 27, 2013 6:06 PM
Boehner is the most useless at best, compromised at the worst, speaker ever. He has no testosterone that I can detect, and is so weak when responding to liberal ideas that he should just change the (R) after his name to a (D). Oh, that's right, if he did he would no longer be speaker!!! We need to insist on his being replace by someone with nards.
England. An unarmed populace. Why won't this EVER happen here in Idaho? An armed society is a polite society. Let some Islamic Shari'a creep try to do that here. PLEASE! Try it. This is why we can NEVER allow leftist poofters to take our weapons.
What about all the children the Left's policies have murdered in abortion clinics? WE ACTUALLY DO CARE ABOUT PEOPLE!!! We want them to be successful, not need nor want government hand-outs. What an idiot! He clearly doesn't care about people because he wants them to be slaves to the government.
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