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Why would a GOP Senator greet the Obamunist on the tarmac?
This won't happen under Barack HUSSEIN Obama. But, simple solution to these perverted Islamists: Send in say, 8-10,000 troops. Show a video of pig carcasses being loaded up and shipped with them. Tell them to give up, or every one of them we kill, will NOT have their corpse returned. Instead they will be wrapped in pigskin and buried upside down with a Star of David on their coffin. Simple. Effective. Tell al-Bagdadi he's first on our list!
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D.C. Disease and the GOP's "Electeds"

Noel35 Wrote: Aug 26, 2014 12:47 PM
Too many RINOs. Clear out the dead wood, and bring in fresh, living, motivated constitutionalist conservatives with backbones and testosterone. 'Nuff said...
Duplicate voting in Maryland??? NO!!! Ya think? Voter fraud delivered Maryland and Chicago for Kennedy in 1960. Even Harry Truman said that in Merle Miller's "Plain Speaking". BTW, even if he fabricated a lot of Truman's 'quotes', why would he lie about that? Miller was a hard-core leftist. Voter fraud is standard operating procedure in MD. I'd love to see a Dem Maryland AG forced into prosecuting this as a felony! How funny that would be. Well, except it's really not that funny.
Just great! I'm already seeing Obama bumper stickers in North Idaho. I don't want Idaho going 'purple'. I escaped Kalifornia to go somewhere conservative/libertarian. Well, if we still have a huge majority, I guess it's ok. Living in a state that leaves you alone and doesn't take all your money and the tell you how to live will change a lot of people's views. I can hope. I don't want what happened to Colorado happening here though.
What incredible hubris. The Obamunist views the world through two lenses: How will it help ME feel good about ME? And, will it further my political objectives regardless of cost to others? What a creepy individual Obama is.
Oh great. McConnell for 6 more years. Guess that's marginally better that this Dem creep. Yawn. Hopefully it will be his last term. We need fresh blood. Real conservative constitutionalist leaders. Not testosterone-challenged wimps.
Boy, there's a healthy marriage. I wonder sometimes if they're something to the "Down Low" (gay) rumors about him. There's the story that their marriage was arranged by Wright to cover his past, Rock Hudson-style. Regardless, his statement seems to indicate he has no respect for law enforcement unless it benefits one of his constituent groups.
Well, umm, y'know liberalism this, and liberalism that and ummm, well y'know... Really? This is who they have running for the U.S. Senate? Thank You, Lord! I don't know whether to be shocked, and humored, or disgusted. Or all three. I thought there's no way the Dems could sink lower than Wasserman-Schultz, or Al Franken, or Keith Ellison. Apparently they can!
the Republican Party should absolutely reject having Mathews moderate even one debate. I don't think Hillary would give him 'tingles' but still, he's so completely leftist there's no way an Republican would get anything near fairness.
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