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I wish. Since we have a president who repeated the "Allah Hu Akbar" 3x daily for much of his childhood, We're not likely to see the U.S. acting in our own interest.
Have they searched Keith Ellison's office? They should. However, even if they could, being Minnesota, they wouldn't.
Oh, but I think he does read the polls. He is unable to stomach the fact that so many disagree with him, or don't like him. He's a classic narcissist. He has a lot of rage just below the surface. He can't stand the fact that someone may not like him. Look at his use of sarcasm to berate any opposition. It's almost like a teenager. He's extremely emotionally handicapped. And that is another factor that makes him dangerous. He isn't rational.
Agreed but sadly the Obamunist will not act swiftly nor decisively. He's torn over attacking an Islamic group. Consider all those years during his childhood in which he recited the "Allah Hu Akbar" three times daily. He'll do something for political expedience, but it will be as little as he can get away with. 2014 elections are closing in. That's his motive, not actually confronting ISIS/ISIL
Once conservative Colorado has turned purple due to Californian migration. Hypocritical Californians are leaving due to the economic policies imposed by those they voted into office. Now they're doing the same thing to Colorado. Anyway, I hope Colorado finds it's core and votes for someone superior to this buffoon.
Awesome!!! Squaw my backside! Love it! She could give Debbie Wasserman-Schultz some competition in the "Most unbelievable woman in the world" contest.
WOW! Isn't Elizabeth Warren brilliant? Problem is, it's all talk. Besides, Barack Hussein Obama is conflicted. He still feels emotionally attached to the Islam in which he was raised. Imagine repeating the "Allah hu Akhbar" 3 times daily from the age of 6 till the age of 14. Think that wouldn't significantly shape your psyche? And ISIS says they'll raise the flag of Islam over the WH. I'm not sure Obama wouldn't help them. No he's not a Muslim; he's a secular humanist. But he still feels loyalty to Islam. Look at his actions. They speak volumes.
Wasserman-Schultz. The gift that keeps on giving. The more she talks, the more absurd her ramblings. C'mon Florida, dump this sick wench. How does she get re-elected? Is the electorate that stupid?
Economic homicide. That's what Obama and the Dems are guilty of. It is abundantly clear the intention is to get us all to a single-payer plan. This was designed to destroy private insurance. It MUST be repealed and replaced with a market-driven model. This is another reason to NOT elect RINOs who will cave to the left.
Thank GOD there is a judge who is more interested in truth than popularity. Marriage can never be between anyone other than a man and a woman. If gays want to establish some kind of legal union, fine. But that is NOT marriage. Call anything; call it Gleepiage, whatever. Marriage was established by the Almighty as a covenant between a man and an woman to form the foundation of a family unit. Two men or two women cannot produce progeny. Go ahead and 'flame' this post if you wish. What is TRUE is TRUE regardless. I find that those who scream loudest about this issue are typically trying to shout down the voice of their own consciences. Deep down, they know they are wrong. It really is that simple.
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