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Oh, thank you so much Mr. RINO Priebus. I'm so glad you want conservative moderators. Why the heck would you have anything else? 2012 was an absolute disaster, thanks to in absentia Republican leadership. Seems like every election cycle they bow to the MSM, as if they have exclusive rights to moderate. Hope he's serious.
I think Jindal would make a great VP running mate. I like Walker at the top of the ticket myself. At least at this point.
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Yes Obama's Amnesties Do Increase Deficits

Noel35 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 5:20 PM
Yeah, increase 'On-budget deficit" $8.8B. that's a low-ball number. Then consider the 'Off-budget' expenses. You think we're being screwed? Obama and his illegal non-deportation order are going to cost us if it is let to stand. We have to light up the Congressional phones and pressure the Republicans to act! Who gives a rip about a 'government shutdown'? It isn't even a shutdown. That's the absurd part. Just STOP this thing, Republicans. You control the money. ACT LIKE IT!!!
Guitierrez is the racist. What an object-lesson in projection! He wants the U.S. to let illegals in, and thereby slapping in the face those who actually immigrated LEGALLY! What about all those LEGA immigrants who came here from various nations while obeying our laws?
President "Christians have done bad things too..." Obama can't bring himself to state that Islamist Fascists are killing anyone who disagrees with him. His years in an Indonesian Madrassa has left an indelible imprint on his soul. Sidebar: I don't get the political left in this country. The Democrat Party is home to radical homosexual groups, abortion-on-demand death cults, and every other radical, INCLUDING CAIR and other Radical Islamic groups. Isn't that an odd combination? Obama is so emotionally stunted at his early teens, he can't bring himself to find ANYTHING negative about Islam. It's a bit frightening that this guy is our commander-in-chief. We are in serious danger!
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Whose Job Is It to Kill ISIS?

Noel35 Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 12:52 PM
So far Walker is looking pretty good. I want to hear more about what he stands for, such as Illegal Immigration.
Ok. Well and good. But they're going to need 5 2 more votes to override a veto. Anyone taking bets? I doubt we'll see it. But it does show that in January '17, if the House is still in Republican hands, and a true conservative is in the WH, it WILL be overturned and (hopefully) replaced with something better. Lot of 'ifs' there, but it's looking optimistic.
This socialist nut case wants to drive us off the proverbial cliff! If there ever was a reason to nominate a true conservative in '16, this is it! Imagine what evil lurks in the sub-sections of his proposal. The Republicans better come up with their own lean budget and throw it on his desk. You gotta think there are enough Dems to override the veto on this.
Rand Paul is too libertarian and isolationist for me. I like Walker a lot.
This is a very good sign. Not the Walker is perfect, but it shows people are not willing to be satisfied with the establishment RINO choice for candidate. Scott Walker is a good man, who has shown his meddle in winning two elections and a recall effort pushed by the far left. And he has shown that he has a serious backbone in the face of death threats against himself and his family from the Loony Left. And he is certainly much more conservative than anyone named Bush!
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