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Dang! this broad is out there! Interracial marriage ban??? Is she THAT warped? Apparently. Sheesh, my wife is part Creole. Where does this lily-white psycho get her race ideas? Sounds like she's the one who's obsessed with race. An Interracial marriage ban would be something a '50's Dixiecrat would support. And Dixiecrats, were Dems last time I checked the history books.
Geez, I always take election advise from a sexual predator. Don't you? Clinton ain't running for office here. Pryor is going down. Hallelujah! There's one seat in the right column.
Roberts is somewhat less RINO than say, McCain, Boehner, Cochran, etc. But c'mon, he's an old establishment Republican. He's not going to get any more traction than he has now. He doesn't excite anyone. WE NEED YOUNG, MOTIVATED, CONSERVATIVE POWERHOUSES! There has got to be someone in KS who is the real deal, younger (like it or not, can appeal to women), and with a true backbone. Pat Roberts, nice guy (yawn).
I actually think what he has been hiding on his real birth certificate is who his father is. I think it's clear he was born at Kapiolani Hospital. I think he's hiding his real identity: Frank Marshall Davis, Jr.
Ok. So help me out with this: why can't we 'cut ourselves off' from West Africa? Do we have some pressing U.S. interest there? Sure, sending some aid, fine. We're generally a giving people. But this is Ebola. Deadly, and with no cure. Is his interest because his (supposed) father from that continent? Illogical and very dangerous.
Will the missing Whitewater papers be in them? Yeah, sure.
Roberts may be no great prize, but Orman is clearly a Dem in disguise. He stands for nothing. If he won't tell you where he stands, he must be hiding something. He was against Obamacare, BUT WOULDN'T VOTE TO REPEAL IT??? Be done with him. A RINO like Roberts is still better. Maybe not by much, but still, why elect a blank slate that the Washington insiders can write on. You can bet the Dem caucuses will court him.
Exactly. I'm sick and tired of voting for the guy with the (R) after his name just because it's not a (D). Ain't cuttin' it anymore. I want the REAL THING!!! The Cochran-McDaniel debacle said it all. They want the old testosterone-free, compromising RINOs, who won't rock the boat. I say, SINK THE BOAT! So, they made a nice laundry list of values. Well and good. Will any of them really hold to that under pressure? I have no faith in that.
Looks good on paper. The problem is the RINOs are still running the show.
Great idea! Clinton is not relevant in this election cycle. Obama and his policies are. This needs to be pointed out. Of course, Dems are the kings of imagery, symbolism, and emotion. Kill them with facts!
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