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Report: 'Dark Days Ahead' for Obamacare

Noel35 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 1:02 PM
Absolutely. It was a Cloward-Piven strategy to overload the 'system' and lead to a single-payer system with the government in control of your life cradle-to-grave. There is no other logical explanation.
He strong-armed the convenience store. I've known guys who pulled strong-arms, albeit many years ago. They were sociopaths, who were downright intimidating. Michael Brown was thug, and a big one at that. Once you try to grab a cop's gun, it's game over. He got what he had coming to him. Race played NO part whatsoever. I agree, it's all a scam to gin up racial tension so the left can take advantage of it.
I heard an interview of Sherriff Clarke this morning. He's the real deal. A good, honest cop with common sense. He's 10x the man Holder, or Obama is. Thank God we have men in blue like him who protect our safety. Holder, and all of his ilk are cowards, who use mob mentality to force their views. They can't stand on their own, so they exploit others for their agenda.
"Out of control" means she's not toeing the party line. She cannot be an unbiased reporter. That's no longer allowed. Freedom of the press? Not during this regime. Glad there's a member of the MSM that's willing to investigate the truth no matter where it leads.
Absolutely. He cannot fathom that people disagree with him. He's amazingly thick-skulled. Time for the Obamunist to get hit with reality.
issa is one of the few members of Congress that I believe will do something. Defunding is the short strategy that will work. The long-term is going to the courts. Sherriff Joe is filing with Larry Klayman as his attorney. So hopefully, this is an anomaly that can be mitigated.
Why do these 'Ivory Tower' leftist consider themselves so smart? Guess they all talk among themselves and never get out in the real world. This horse's backside needs to be publically shamed. If that's all that comes of the congressional hearing fine. Hope he gets indicted though.
But, but... these academic types are so much smarter than the rest of us. Er, maybe not. The difference between fools like Gruber and the rest of us, is we live in the REAL world. We have to balance our budgets, make payroll, etc. This idiot never held a private sector job in all likelihood. I hold them in great contempt than they hold us. Can't wait for Gruber to be called before congress. Gonna be fun!
Stick a fork in her. She's done. Bye, Mary!
Nancy is mentally ill. I don't know how so many supposedly smart Silicon Valley types can keep voting her back to Washington. You'd have to think there are infinitely more qualified people in the (formerly) Golden State.
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