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Where to Adjust, Where to Stand Firm

noe_g Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 9:54 AM
we CAN fight this... but it's going to be bloody. THE reality is so different than the Hollywood propaganda... it won't be hard to reveal the truth of homosexuality as a lifestyle... and by the way.. I have had many homosexual acquaintances... enough to know that [at least for men] ... the suburban lifestyle is never an option. Aging queens like young boys... and the Catholic problem is not a pedophile problem... its a homosexual problem... Priests are NOT molesting little girls... and ditto for Rabbi's - The Joos are just better at keeping their laundry in house. These are REAL problems for the Dems.... all we have to do is man the airwaves and internet with personal stories of the horrors of homosexuality on our children.

The proper path for the Republican party lies somewhere between changing our entire agenda and standing steadfastly on everything. Opinions will differ on the best way forward, as we have seen in the week and a half since the sucker punch of Election Day.

Most conservatives seem to be coping well. We spent a lot of time during the campaign wondering if America as we recognize it would survive a second Obama term. Ever the pragmatists, we now seem committed to doing our part to minimize the damage.

But as we seek to mitigate the harmful effects of...