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Four More Years

noe_g Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 9:44 AM
you have stopped making... here anyway. The GOP doesn't represent the MAKERS... it represents the REAL TAKERS I am a lifetime entrepreneur... the GOP under Reagan flooded my country with the seed corn of the cultural takeover we are witnessing... why? - cheap labor for the REAL parasites... CORPORATIONS The economy collapsed expressly because the makers became takers... took their makings overseas... or just engaged in financial instruments... Wall St casino products... that's not MAKING.... that's changing the landscape for the population... its treason
Congatulations, Mr. President. You fought this election out on your principles and your ground -- the politics of identity, whether ethnic, class or partisan -- and prevailed. Early in the night. There was no contested cliffhanger. There was no extended legal struggle a la Bush v. Gore in 2000, the presidential election that threatened never to end. There are no demands that the Electoral College be abandoned in favor of some French-style popular vote. And no hard feelings. At least no more than the usual cavils. Call it a happy ending. Four More Years! Though they may be only four more...