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You can't fix stupid by calling it 'smart'. But oh how the democrats try.
Did they check the White House residence’s book room? Clinton stuff seems to get lost in there.
And yet liberals can't tell the difference between comedians and Senators or journalists.
"I don't always make stupid, banal comments (oh well yes I do) but when I do I drink hot chocolate." #leastinterestingmanalive
Medicare is at least supposed to be paid for by the medicare tax. You pay for a life time and get back at the end of your life. Obama however stole $500,000,000,000 from medicare to pay for a part of Obamacare. His excuse was someone else was already stealing these funds so it was all right from him to steal it instead.
Keep drinking the Koolaid. Just check it, yours has appears to be fermented. Virginias sold their treasury to the Dems and now the Democratic elite will paid their pockets. The state will be left in the same condition as Detroit. I like the irony in your name, Democrats have been raping the truth since Bubba C played with the meaning of 'is'. They know the MSM will give them cover just like the NYT on Obama's ACA lies.
They might be better than the Marxist indoctrination camps we currently throw money at. Freedom is preferred to submission.
The one aspect that is frequently missing in "government spends $X on education" study is capital costs. Almost all governments report capital cost separately then compare all inclusive cost of charter schools to operating cost only of public schools.
The Democrats three pronged "War on Children" continues. Don't educate them. Burden them with debt. Kill them before they are born (or after).
Anyone else note that the closest equivalent to "community organizers" in the Bible are the Pharisees? Not the government but using their collective power to sway the actions of government to help the people in ways the people really couldn't care less. His Highness, Barrack the Petulant, would have made a 'good' Pharisee. Mouchelle certainly has the dietary restriction stuff down.
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