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The US has far more guns than any other western nation and far more gun DEATHS. You should take your own advice.
Stop exaggerating on the issue. The issue is about control, not confiscation. Most people are fine with gun ownership, it's about the power of the weapons that creates the issues.
If they just opened up hundreds of gun shops in the inner city, crime would plummet.
I say your name, byeBarry, and I get attacked for this?
Yes, YOU are the REAL American, everyone else are just imitations.
Why bother with trash?
The 'baggers don't seem to have much else going on. Being as paranoid and afraid of the outside world as they appear based on their posts, I suspect they need to all go out and get a few rays of sun. They need there's more to life than clinging to guns and hating progressives.
'worship Hitler"? Has your brain tumor advanced to the point where you are now spewing pure nonsense?
Yet all you 'baggers never object to all infringement of personal privacy rights, domestic spying activities, police stop and search. You love the enforcers of tyranny(soldiers, policie) yet constantly bleat about your loss of freedom. You worship the bans and Wall Street cons who have put yo into debt slavery as you continue to bleat nonsense about govt tyuranny. By your own support, you have imprisoned yourselves. Your guns must be proxies for something long and hard which all of you lack.
Speak for yourself, dhummass!
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