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Why Gay Is Not the New Black

NobodyImportant Wrote: May 22, 2012 1:24 PM
Yes, Dr. Brown, the philosophical arguments opposing homosexual marriage are all based on valid premises, leading to the unavoidably true conclusion you shared. But the arguments against homosexual marriage are not limited to the philosophical. The empirical arguments (i.e. the peer-reviewed scientific research) published on the subject are equally as damning – if not more so. Readers wishing to examine an extensive list of both philosophic and scientific citations refuting the homosexual marriage “arguments” are invited, once again, to visit Another Slow News Day's blog page devoted to the subject.

Repeating what has been a rallying cry of gay activism for years, the cover of the December 16, 2008 issue of The Advocate announced, “Gay is the New Black: The Last Great Civil Rights Struggle.” Last week, on May 19th, headlines across the nation announced, “NAACP endorses gay marriage as ‘civil right.’” So, is gay the new black?

There are prominent black leaders who say yes, including Congressman John Lewis, who was active in the early Civil Rights movement. There are other prominent black leaders who say no, like Timothy F. Johnson, founder and president of the Frederick Douglass Foundation.