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I used have a shooter every time Leslie Marshall said "First of all." Now I go to three meetings a day.
It doesn't even go from LA to SF. The part they were going to complete was the Bakersfield to Modesto run. And by the time THAT was finished, the San Andreas fault would have moved LA into the Bay Area.
Why are leftest so fascinated with gay subculture, (tea bagging) scat and golden showers? I had no idea these things existed until I started reading derogatory comments on conservative sites. If I disagree with someone and they respond with an insult, I might call them an ignorant toad, but I don't think it would occur to me to suggest that someone should dedicate in their mouth.
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On S****ing in Sarah Palin's Mouth

nobit Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 4:26 PM
Martin is a Paki Christian born in London. (I don't believe Paki is pejorative since we refer to all the other residents and descendants of the Stans by the first syllable, i.e. people from Afghanistan are Afghans.) He seems to have retained some of the values of his place of origin, specifically the use of rape, in this case verbal, as a weapon to humiliate his enemy. One wonders how he grew up in Britain with out absorbing their values. Ms Palin, I'm sure, would decry anyone who used similar language in regards Mr. Bashir's relatives, who undoubtedly experienced oppression under their Muslim suzerains, otherwise why leave that third world paradise? I suppose he expects his left wing friends to look after his Christian brethren's interests. He hates Sarah because she isn't part of the elite. She is part of the middle class, something he has groomed himself to climb out of. It infuriates him that she has achieved so much on native good sense and ability while he has achieved nothing. The elite will always hate Palin, she offends their sense of order and threatens their position of privilege.
Look upon these works, ye mighty, and despair.
"Nonetheless Obama insists the Obamacare show must go on." Until we have rounded up all the wreckers, saboteurs and kulaks that are getting in the way.
Perhaps The Washington Artless Attempt to Distract the Masses by Democrats and their Media Wing from their Ongoing Process of Getting more Illegal Immigrants into the Country so they can Vote for their Incompetent Unworkable and Corrupt Schemes. The Washington AADMDMWOPGIICVIUC (Sorry the initials don't spell something clever, like REDSKINS) would play games when they want to, where they want to, use as many men, women and LGTBT players as they wanted, ignore the rules they didn't like, decide the outcome of the games and demand an increasing subsidy, something like the Giants and Jets do now. (Sorry about the gratuitous swipe at those fine NYC and NJ teams but somebody had to take the hit. Substitute Browns and Ravens if you like, although dumping on teams from Cleveland and Baltimore seems cruel.)
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Why the Media Hates the South

nobit Wrote: Sep 20, 2013 3:00 PM
Our little Stalins need some Kulaks.
Climatologist need to do some science, you know like experiments where they state a thesis, observe the results, repeat them and have them peer reviewed. Lay off the computer models, and projections based on short term observation until you got some proof, just saying.
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