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Why Pro-Amnesty Republicans Lost

No-Way-Jose Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 12:36 PM
Pro amnesty Republicans have lost nothing -- that's the problem. They are just playing rope-a-dope right now while looking for the opportunity to sneak in an amnesty while we are preoccupied with other issues or the political climate is perhaps more conducive. Amnesty is like all other liberal ideas -- it only has to be successful once. It can be beaten back a thousand times, but the one time they can buy the right legislators to get it passed, it is a done deal -- permanent and irrevocable. All of the previous unsuccesful attempts become meaningless. Just like Government run healthcare or any other proposed new entitlement, amnesty will never die -- it's a cancer looking for a weak cell in a diseased body.
Scott853 Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 2:11 PM
"it only has to be successful once."

I was thinking the same thing about that union vote down in the VW plant in TN. The union lost THIS TIME; but they'll be back. But once they are IN, they will never leave unless the plant closes. Same thing happens with tax votes locally---the 'voters' have spoken when a tax measure loses, but the scumbag tax and spenders just wait a couple of years, raise more money to spread their propaganda, then they try again until they succeed. BUT NEVER is a tax repealed. NEVER.