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Paul Ryan Works to Sell Senate Immigration Plan to House

No-Way-Jose Wrote: Jun 27, 2013 6:55 AM
I'm still waiting on Ryan to make good on his proposal to debate anyone on how "earned" citizenship is not amnesty. Many people and conservative organizations have stepped forward to accept, but so far nothing from Ryan. If he can't out-debate an obnoxious and boorish Joe Biden trying to defend the Obama record, how does he think he's going to debate an opponent with logic, reason, and common-sense on their side?
Paul Ryan, former GOP Vice Presidential nominee and author of the landmark "Path to Prosperity" GOP budget proposal, has been working behind the scenes to try to persuade both GOP leadership in the House of Representatives and members of the conservative rank-and-file to take up the Senate comprehensive immigration proposal that's on the cusp of a final vote.

With Senate passage of a sweeping immigration bill imminent, Ryan has been meeting with House conservatives to persuade them that reform of the immigration system, including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, is an economic necessity and...