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ICE Union President: Gang of 8 Has Contempt For Law Enforcement

No-Way-Jose Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 8:58 AM
Hannity has revealed himself to be more about politics as sport than politics as principle. Lose an election? Well, I guess we are just going to have to give in on amnesty so that we can win over the Hispanic vote and be on the winning team in the future. Limbaugh, hasn't yet revealed himself to be this superficial (that I know of). Still his kid-glove treatment of Rubio has been nauseating. His faint hint of skepticism over the awful amnesty bill was drowned out by his effusive praise of Rubio on other matters. Get with the program, Rush. Rubio is not who you think he is and this amnesty bill is proof.

Yesterday during the one of two hearings on the new Gang of 8 illegal immigration overhaul, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council President Chris Crane once again expressed frustration with how lawmakers have handled developing new legislation without law enforcement input, going so far as saying the Gang of 8 is one of the most hostile groups he's ever tried to work with.

"Law making in our nation has indeed taken a strange twist as Senators invite illegal aliens to testify before Congress and groups representing illegal aliens are brought into the development of our nation's laws, but American citizens...