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GOP on Immigration: No "Special" Path To Citizenship

No-Way-Jose Wrote: Aug 20, 2013 7:03 AM
"Goodlatte has said that immigrants could get a legal status short of citizenship and from there using the existing pathways of family or employment ties to eventually obtain citizenship. And he criticized advocates for citizenship, saying they've been standing in the way of other reforms as they hold out for their goal." Somebody help me out here. First Goodlatte trys to fool us with the idea that the GOP is being tough by denying citizenship, and then he is basically admitting above that the legalized illegals will get it anyway through family or employment ties. Am I missing something? What exactly are the illegals being denied? So what exactly are we debating here Mr. Goodlatte? You're on board with legalization. You're on board with citizenship (through alternate means). Sounds to me like everyone in the poltical class is in agreement -- legalization, citizenship, vastly increased legal immigration, Guest Worker programs, open borders, reduced wages, cheap and compliant labor for the big donors. A win-win-win for all the players at the top of the food chain that won't ever have to rub shoulders with the untermenschen locked out of their gated communities. Fences for me but not for thee.
blimpie Wrote: Aug 20, 2013 4:31 PM
Goodlatte has a bill, HR 1773, already passed out of committee. It is a stealth amnesty bill. HE IS PROVIDING the aliens their non-special pathway to citizenship. Go to, search hr 1773, go to pg 48 of the pdf version. Look at sec. 7. It says they can upgrade their status to lawful if THEY AGREE TO PERFORM AGRICULTURAL LABOR. THIS IS BASICALLY SELLING CITIZENSHIP.