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Let's also remember that this is the guy that concocted the bogus construct that allowed the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill to pass the Senate. Like every other part of the bill, his sleight of hand was designed to make it look like there would be real border security while the other loopholes scattered across the bill defanged any real enforcement. I'd have more respect for the guy if he just admitted that he supports amnesty and open borders and did away with the whole illusion of securing the border. Why does a conservative state like Tennesse produce senators like Corker, Alexander, and Gore? Some things just make no sense.
Cradle to grave -- Womb to the tomb. And these genius politicians and judges that have allowed this systematic infiltration and corruption of our system probably can't understand why we are being overrun with illegals. If you build it they will come. We've built it and they are coming.
The latest crop of illegals from Central America would be very disappointed to see this video since they view border guards not as impediments but rather facilitators to their journey into the interior. Our border guards have been turned into coyotes by the lawless Obama regime and amnesty pushers in both parties.
"Conservatives generally prefer immigration policies that are spread out fairly across countries, not weighted in favor of certain countries (ethnicities or races) over others." There's that word "fairly" that I so despise. Here's a crazy idea, why don't we adopt immigration policies that broadly benefit our country and its citizens? I could care less who we are being "fair" towards. Immigration like every other policy should be about what is in our broad interest rather than the fairness and needs of others outside of our nation. Basically, we don't need any more poor people -- sorry we're all stocked up on poor people already -- so let's stop legally and illegally importing more.
Another illustration showing how amnesty for illegals is far more than just a forgiveness of the crime. It is in fact a reward which confers title to the law-breakers ill gotten good. I like to apply the analogy to that of a car thief. If we treated car thiefs the same way that we treated illegal aliens receiving amnesty, we would not only forego jail or stiff fines for the car thief, we would reward them with the pink slip to the car that they stole. And tossing in a small fine or requirements that they get driver’s training wouldn’t change the fact that they are still receiving a reward for their crime. What you reward you get more of – whether excessive speeding, car thefts, or illegal aliens.
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Stop the Coming Obamnesty!

No-Way-Jose Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 7:17 AM
"What problems of America -- from sinking test scores, to collapsing roads and bridges, to endless borrowing to save our social safety net, to income inequality, to culture wars -- will be more easily solved with tens of millions more of the world's destitute arriving? " All policy, should be about one thing and one thing only... How does it benefit America and American citizens. And that is the problem with out current immigration policy -- it's a welfare program for the world's poor rather than a policy that benefits us. And this welfare program known as immigration is going to devour the hand that feeds it under it's ever expanding appetite.
Exactly. Another letter of protest, even from a Governor, will simply fall on deaf ears. Action is needed -- actually required. The Governor mostly says the right thing, though he buffers it with a little too much non-offensive language, but what's next?
A great letter Gov. Haslam, but now what? What action(s) are you prepared to take when you receive the inevitable non-response?
The Hamptons is a good start. Let's also add Chevy Chase Maryland -- I believe that is where George Will lives from what I understand. He seems to believe that we should be welcoming them with open arms (and open wallets) and that the numbers are so small as to be barely a rounding error. Come on elites -- time to practice what you preach! Open your homes, open your gated communities, open your private schools, open your businesses, and open your country clubs to our new neighors from the south. Welcome them with your open arms as equals and as a part of your lives rather than a nameless shifless sea of humanity meant to work your factories and clean your toilets and then return to some out of the way barrio far removed from your elite neighborhood at the end of the day.
I'm sure that Paul Ryan can present us with some Chamber of Commerce study, that against all common sense,will show us how all of these migrants will bring jobs, tax revenue, and prosperity to our country.
Think of all the efficiencies with this plan. All the welfare applications, Obamacare paperwork, Government funded housing, and drivers licenses can be handled in the home country as a part of the refugee paperwork so that the migrants can hit the ground running once they arrive in Los Estados Unidos. No standing in long lines or waiting on delayed approvals -- the first welfare check, Obamacare Insurance Card, and EBT card will be waiting for them in their mailbox upon arrival!. All just a part of Obama's promise to make Government work.
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