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BREAKING: Senate Passes Immigration Reform Bill, 68-32

No-Way-Jose Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 9:15 AM
The American people collectively will not benefit -- but there are clearly some special interests that will benefit. Democrat politicians will gain votes and low wage employers will of course get cheaper and more compliant labor. This whole mess works exactly like pork barrel spending in that a well-funded connected minority of interests can work the process and get their issue or project financed and passed against the better interests of the mostly uninformed and disinterested public at large.

This outcome has been an inevitability ever since Monday's cloture vote, but now it's official.  The amended 'Gang of Eight' immigration framework has been adopted by the United States Senate, and is headed to the House of Representatives for consideration.  In a rare scene, Senators sat at their desks and voted one by one as the roll was called. Vice President Biden presided over the chamber.  Before the result was announced, Biden admonished the gallery against overt expressions of approval or disapproval.  They chanted "yes we can" anyway.  The final vote was 68-32 in favor, several tallies shy of...