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Liberal Tyranny and the Cluck Heard ‘Round the World

nmolleur Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 4:01 PM
You do understand, everything you just wrote, is why the far right social conservatives are viewed as homo-phobic bigots in main stream Americans.

Writer Sinclair Lewis is credited with saying, “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.”

Close, but not quite. Truth is, fascism has come to America; but it’s wrapped in a rainbow flag and waving, well, let’s just say it sure ain’t waving a cross. With its latest wave of scorched-earth malfeasance, the radical left has awakened freedom-loving America to this reality.

Liberals learned a hard lesson on Wednesday. While the generally silent majority was showing exuberant support for free speech, the institution of true marriage and Chick-fil-A, “progressives” were gorging themselves on...