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Liberal Bias at The Weather Channel?

nlawrence Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 3:59 AM
Whether or not presidents happen to be up for re-election at the time, they always tend to visit the sites of major disasters like this. I believe this is probably what TWC was illustrating. That said, it would have been in best taste to include Romney's visit as well. This is an election year after all, and everyone is getting a little testy and defensive.


The Weather Channel recently put together a slideshow with 203 images of the damage done by Isaac. It’s an incredibly heart-rending photo essay showing destroyed houses, flooded towns, people trying to cleanup, dead animals, pet rescues – you name it. It even includes a photo of the president visiting a town in Louisiana. But what about Mitt Romney’s visit to the region? Over to you, Breitbart:

In the first half of its photo collection the Weather Channel does feature a photo of President Obama's visit on Monday, Sept. 3, a week after Isaac...