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Something that occurred to me as I was watching the co-ed confront Gov. Romney: Exactly which social programs does she (and those who agree with her) propose to cut in order to pay for her indulgences, since there was nothing to indicate that her "need" was for anything other than contraception? The money has to come from somewhere. I know, I know. The knee-jerk response will be something like, cut military spending, not social programs. The question still holds. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, the problem is that sooner of later you run out of other people's (programs') money. And, why should I have to pay for that co-ed's birth control? She looked able enough to hold a job. Why can't she pay for her own? Poor reporting, to be sure.
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What the Washington Post Missed

nkn Wrote: May 15, 2012 11:35 AM
Yea, the primary focus needs to be on more important issues. But, it still is useful to keep these stories on the back burner because it lets everyone know you're onto the game. We might be spared other non-stories like this in the Democrats' non-arsenal because they see that we're not going to just swallow it without question, and that we are able to effectively counter them.
Well, maybe they can't ignore the elephant in the living room any more (pun intended), but I wouldn't count on the media doing any real vetting of the president any time soon. Right now, it's CYA, because polls are showing that the media's credibility, fairness and balance are ... questionable? And what better way to "dispute" that than to attack the object of their affection? Hey, it's refreshing to see major media outlets finally, actually being news organizations rather than Obama PR outlets, but I need to see more than just a few little reports like this to convince me that there has been any real shift in coverage. And, it would be wise to take this "new approach" with a healthy grain of salt. Real reporting, or diversionary tactic?
Kudos to the commentator for holding this guy's feet to the fire. Probably motivated a little by self interest ("What if someone in OUR office became a mole?"), but, still. I wonder if Muto was expecting a grilling he got, or if he thought he could just come on CNN and pile onto the competition. There are times when he seems absolutely stunned by the questions. This guy worked in the news business? And, oh: He didn't get lots of promotions? Obviously (!) that must (!) be because of Fox's leaning to the right. Yea. Right. Whatever he thought, he comes off exactly as a "disgruntled employee."
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