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CNN's Don Lemon Wants Obama to Take Responsibility

nkn Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 10:39 AM
Well, maybe they can't ignore the elephant in the living room any more (pun intended), but I wouldn't count on the media doing any real vetting of the president any time soon. Right now, it's CYA, because polls are showing that the media's credibility, fairness and balance are ... questionable? And what better way to "dispute" that than to attack the object of their affection? Hey, it's refreshing to see major media outlets finally, actually being news organizations rather than Obama PR outlets, but I need to see more than just a few little reports like this to convince me that there has been any real shift in coverage. And, it would be wise to take this "new approach" with a healthy grain of salt. Real reporting, or diversionary tactic?