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Time for the Religious to Pay Their Fair Share

NJPatriot Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 1:49 PM
Pretty much what I have been saying in my own liberal parish. Unfortunately the Church made a deal with the devil. You can 't manage evil whether it is in your own personal life or in public affairs, My church is finally coming around to this. Why I even heard an almost balanced service on Labor Day. It amazes me that we organize for right to life yet 60+% of us vote the pro death party. If obama gets reelected, I may very well go outside and whizz into the wind. It will be cheaper than paying for a charter bus to DC on Right to Life Day, now will it make any less sense.
There is a movement underway in Europe to remove the tax exemptions churches have enjoyed for centuries.

In Spain and Italy this attempt is being broadly pursued, while in Britain it is being done piecemeal.

For example, in Spain and Italy the special tax status of churches and their ministries are being openly targeted by political leaders who want to get their hands into church coffers.

Ricardo Rubio, a city councilman in Alcala de Henares, Spain, says he, and those who share his view, “want to make a statement that the costs of the...