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Reminder: The Fiscal Cliff "Solution" Sets Up Yet Another Ugly Fight

Nixie_Tuber Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 4:31 PM
You're an idiot if you think your ten-second infomercial is working. Try reading the article, then make a comment based on it, not hawking your get-rich-at-home scheme.

Enjoy the communal sigh of relief while it lasts, America.  Sure, the endlessly-discussed "fiscal cliff" has been averted thanks to a flawed, 13th-hour deal -- but the high-stakes partisan wrangling is just beginning.  We'll get to the road ahead in a moment, but first, a word or two about the compromise itself.  Let's stipulate right out of the gate that it stinks.  It was jammed through in late night votes at the last possible minute, it scratches the Left's "fairness" itch to no constructive end, and the CBO calcluates its tax hike to spending cut ratio is roughly