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Apparently 44% of the country didn't read it or are illiterate
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Huntsman 2016?

Nitzy pelosi Wrote: Nov 27, 2013 9:24 PM
HEy maybe he will get 1.2% this time, I doubt it though
This is an AP article and of course it lies by omission. Dems always thwart R's people like clockwork, and likewise Rs for some Ds, the reality unbeknownst to liberal journalists is this is how US democracy is supposed to work, ie it was designed that way on purpose by people infinitely smarter than the current class in DC today. There are not 3 vacancies on the DC court of appeals, not even one, the current slate is under worked, there is no need for 3 new judges, that is the thing AP forgets to mention. In addition, Obama is simply expanding the court as a naked power grab to stall for time. He wants this newly packed court to allow unconstitutional regulations to briefly go into effect to do more damage to the US economy even though they will eventually get overturned by the supreme court
I am actually flummoxed by this. Republicans are working vigorously to prevent demonrat voters from being killed, and Demonrats are working overtime to make sure they are not born. Republicans, let abortion go as an issue, the dems are killing their own voters, stop already, its the same with immigration, why are you always working to make sure there are more libtard voters? Principles are one thing, suicide is another
Ross Douthat wrote October 16th, "...was not a normal political blunder by a normally-functioning political party. It was an irresponsible, dysfunctional and deeply pointless act, carried out by a party that on the evidence of the last few weeks shouldn’t be trusted with the management of a banana stand, let alone the House of Representatives." How right you are Demonrats, prevented the government from being open and the LSM lost all credibility. It it now clear that the LSM can only move 8% of the electorate and losing fast. In 3 years or less, the LSM will no longer have any influence, it will merely be preaching to the choir, and at that point, it might not be enough. I personally have been shorting the NYT for years and have made 10s of thousands of dollars, my next target is NBC
The Rs should produce 10 funding items a day. Even the leftwing press will have a hard time justifying it as millions of people start calling their senators, especially the red staters in deep shi te next election.
I don't mind it, they are mostly killing their own voters
UR a nutcase. Get back on your meds. Texas is the most successful state in the union because they haven't had hardly any demonrats for 20 years. That must stick in your craw, hardly any loser demon reps for 2 decades and massive success. I bet you want them to look like Detroit, but that will take a nuke and you losers don't have one
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