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Ross Douthat wrote October 16th, "...was not a normal political blunder by a normally-functioning political party. It was an irresponsible, dysfunctional and deeply pointless act, carried out by a party that on the evidence of the last few weeks shouldn’t be trusted with the management of a banana stand, let alone the House of Representatives." How right you are Demonrats, prevented the government from being open and the LSM lost all credibility. It it now clear that the LSM can only move 8% of the electorate and losing fast. In 3 years or less, the LSM will no longer have any influence, it will merely be preaching to the choir, and at that point, it might not be enough. I personally have been shorting the NYT for years and have made 10s of thousands of dollars, my next target is NBC
The Rs should produce 10 funding items a day. Even the leftwing press will have a hard time justifying it as millions of people start calling their senators, especially the red staters in deep shi te next election.
I don't mind it, they are mostly killing their own voters
UR a nutcase. Get back on your meds. Texas is the most successful state in the union because they haven't had hardly any demonrats for 20 years. That must stick in your craw, hardly any loser demon reps for 2 decades and massive success. I bet you want them to look like Detroit, but that will take a nuke and you losers don't have one
Progressives are against progress
"It’s why increasing numbers of black Americans are now looking to a conservative agenda that honesty examines and looks to fix what is broken in black communities and correctly identifies these as mostly moral rather than political challenges." Star I love you but this is not true. 96% vote demonrat, your folks are voting for their continued destruction in record numbers
Not getting rid of older through impeachment and secretly screwing Americans through Amnesty are 2 reasons I am leaving the Republican party. John Bone is a disgrace and should be removed from Congress. OHIO do your job and rid us of this feckless Maggot!
Michelle your article came up higher in a search than Ryan Patrick Winkler's official site (if he has one) based on HIS OWN NAME. Seems like someone ripe for a pickoff. Keep us informed of his opponent, this one can easily be defeated
Everyone send a you are a racist message and his R opponent should use it in every ad. A Racist is a racist, if the R wins 10 % of the black vote he will beat the 5% dead demonrat vote, and independents will carry the day
The money is used to pay his bills because he is illiterate and doesn't have a job, it is a scam, aided and abetted by the corrupt Obama administration. Unfortunately the Rs are filled with fearful RINOs who even if they had hard evidence of Obama being a Muslim brotherhood Manchurian candidate, which they probably already have, they would do nothing. To fix the country the RINOs need to be eviscerated completely so that if one somehow lies his way into office like Rubio he is systematically destroyed, so future RINOs realize they need to run as Demonrats
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